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      Welcome to Zhejiang Hengli Wool Co., Ltd.!
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      Add: No.3 Qiuchao Road, Foreign Agricultural Comprehensive Development Park, Haining, Zhejiang, China

      Contact: Mr. Jiang

      Mobile: +86-13906738645

      Tel: +86-573-87966566

      Fax: +86-573-87966567

      E-mail: hl@hlwool.com

      About us

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      Located in the Foreign Agricultural Comprehensive Development Park of Haining city in Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Hengli Wool Co., Ltd. is a specialized trade and processing enterprise of Carbonized High Count Australasian wool, with an annual Carbonized capacity of 8,000 tons; all our products are in accordance with international environmental standards! Equipped with the most advanced High Count Wool Carbonized assembly lines, leading manufacturing methods, strict test standards and well-established service system, we have the good abilities to guarantee the quality of your products. The main specifications of our products include: HCB185, HCB215, British wool and New Zealand, etc.

      Sticking to such business idea of "customer supreme, forge ahead with determination" and insisting on such tenet of "customer first", we strive to offer excellent service to customers all over the world. We sincerely welcome your business!

      The Cleanest Carbonized Wool---- Hengli Wool!